What We Believe


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First Baptist Church of Green Valley Core Beliefs

We believe

(1) The Holy Bible, in its entirety, is the infallible word of God. Every word of the Bible was inspired by God and the Bible is the all-sufficient rule of our faith and practice;

(2) God exists as a personal, eternal, triune being: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, equal in divine perfection;

(3) Jesus Christ was born of a virgin and was sinless in His humanity;

(4) The deity of Jesus Christ—Jesus Christ is God incarnate;

(5) All men and women are born in sin, guilty of Adam’s sin at the moment of conception. Therefore, all men and women need a Redeemer—a Savior—to deliver them from the penalty of sin;

(6) Jesus Christ suffered and was crucified. His suffering and death provides a substitutionary atonement for the sins of all mankind. One receives the benefit of this substitutionary atonement only when one believes in, and places faith in, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ;

(7) The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ;

(8) The actual, physical Second Coming of Jesus Christ;

(9) Salvation of the sinner is wholly by God’s grace, extended to the sinner through faith;

(10) All who trust in Jesus Christ for salvation are eternally secure. Salvation cannot be lost, stolen, surrendered, or bargained away