Jan-Mar 2021 Sermons


Sunday: 7:45 AM Men's Book Study & Breakfast 10 AM Sunday School 11 AM Worship and Valley Kids . Wednesday (SEP-APR):6:15-8 PM SMYDEK (Youth)6:30-8 PM AWANA (Children)

January - March 2021 Sunday School Lessons and Sermons

The beginning of the video has no sound when prayer requests are being shared.

March 28:  https://fb.watch/4wryxP2nz_/

March 21:  Sunday School -   https://fb.watch/4npkzGFZeB/              

                         Worship Service (there is some distortion at the beginning, but then it clears)  - https://fb.watch/4npnSJiJ6-/

March 14  https://fb.watch/4easrKb_pP/

March 7   Part 1 - some technical difficulties at very end   https://fb.watch/44Y9TBPipi/   Part 2  https://fb.watch/44-RnxXt5N/

Feb. 28, 2021 - Worship Service: Technical difficulties continue so the service is via iPad this morning https://fb.watch/3XIYd39mcK/

Feb. 28, 2021 - Sunday School: The technical difficulties continued today. Sunday School was recorded on Pastor Mike's cell phone.  https://fb.watch/3XIHiBSf1W/

Feb. 21, 2021: We had technical difficulties today and it is only the worship service today via iPhone.  https://fb.watch/3OvtmB65qs/  Say It Sunday: Testimonies by Timothy from Myanmar, Doris Bujanowski, and Danielle Williams.

Feb. 14, 2021:  https://fb.watch/3F7GQX5_nZ/

Feb. 7, 2021:  In church services were canceled due to snow, but Pastor Mike and Ms. Debbie Yoho held service from their home.  https://fb.watch/3vQ-Ckakc5/

Jan. 31, 2021  -  no service due to snow

an. 24, 2021 Part 2  https://fb.watch/3dz3ssb0Kz/  Larry Raymond brings the message today.

Jan. 24, 2021  Part 1  https://fb.watch/3dz13Ruup2/  (There were some technical difficulties during this broadcast)

Jan. 17, 2021  https://fb.watch/34iskOl-Ao/  Sunday School taught by Glenn Robinson.  Seth & Joanna Izer, missionaries to the UK, share their work.

Jan. 10, 2021:  https://fb.watch/2X1R3pGulM/

Jan. 3, 2021:  https://fb.watch/2NKlNt2bxv/